Business retreats

MY Fundament in the pressure cooker at beautiful locations at home and abroad. High intensity, interspersed with deep relaxation and culinary delights. Participants satisfaction: 9.2/10!

Do you feel a lot of pressure and stress? Do you feel like you are being lived? Are you ever gloomy? Are you missing purpose in your life? Then our business retreat is for you.

What does this retreat give you?

  • You feel peace and strength
  • You have and keep control over your life
  • You have a better relationship with yourself (and therefore with others)
  • You are moving fast toward a 9 for success, happiness and Purpose. Both privately and at work

Within just three days you will experience what it is like to live and work from your MY Foundation. The depth at Soul level makes our method unique.


  • in consultation

Also bookable for (management) teams from the same company.


The charming Chateau Marquette in Heemskerk. Beautifully situated between the village and the dunes. You can take endless walks on the old estate. And in 10 minutes you are at the sea. The healthy meals are prepared with care and fresh and the rooms are fully equipped.

Also at your own location or abroad (contact us to discuss options).


€2.495 (excluding VAT) per participant.

For whom.

For professionals, entrepreneurs and other leaders. And everybody who wants an A+ for Happiness and Succes. But of course, anyone striving for a 9 for Success and Happiness is welcome. Are you an HR manager? Perhaps you are now thinking of an employee who:

  • Doesn’t seem particularly happy, has existential questions or encounters private complaints at work
  • Having symptoms of stress, facing burn-out or recovering
  • Difficulty with change, getting moving or otherwise being “stuck
  • Is herself a decision maker, referrer, case manager or health coach and wants to gain experience to better refer colleagues


The group consists of 4 to 8 participants and 2 facilitators. In short workshops and assignments, depth and lightheartedness alternate. The atmosphere is safe and confidential. You translate the new deep knowledge and insights to your personal situations and life issues. The powerful implementation techniques enable you to create lasting change.

Day 1 is dedicated to getting acquainted and inventarize your key areas of life. You gain insight into your deepest drives and learn from the most positive and negative experiences in your life.

Day 2 we go into even more depth. You discover to what extent you actually let the environment determine your life. You conclude by describing your own MY Fundament. This part we think is the highlight of this retreat. There is nothing like seeing people find themselves again!

Day 3 you look again at your life issues, but this time from your own MY Fundament. You will discover where your pitfalls lie and learn how to live and work permanently empowered. At the end of the afternoon, you will go home satisfied.

Day 4 you will return for one half-day session for evaluation. How are you doing? What else do you need? You get inspired by other people’s experiences and put the finishing touches back on things. We set a date for the follow-up, to sustainably maintain the process.

“This weekend was life-changing for me. During this 3 day retreat, I achieved some crucial insights. I daily experience the benefits.”

Mary Jane